AIR TOUCH using ordinary DID


  • Able to turn over multi pages contents using ordinary DID and other projection devices.
  • Can be controlled without directly touching the panel.
  • In case of in the show window installation, the bystander can also participate.


Large-screen VR 360 panoramic motion


  • Screen control of up, down, left and right, zoom in and zoom out. Is possible in the exhibitions and museums.
  • Solved the size limitation of the existing touch screen monitors. Now big screens monitors can be used.


Cyber Fitting Room


  • Virtual fitting eliminates the hassle of actual fitting of the clothes
  • Eliminates actual physical fitting room space restrictions.
  • Prevent inventory of stock loss caused by dirt and wrinkles.
  • Virtual fitting of combination items such as outerwear, pants, accessories, etc is possible.


Kinetic ART Interface


  • 3D Air Multi Touch using the 3D depth perception camera
  • 3D engine utilized for realistic and responsive interface
  • Interactive game production possible based on user’s action.