STRYDER 1 is the Korea’s first VR treadmill device developed by INDIGO Entertainment.

  • Unlike other treadmill devices, no need to wear safety harness and dedicated shoes.
  • It’s much safer because the base plate is not sloped and slippery.
  • It’s most suitable for large scale exhibition because of its convenient use and fast turnover time.
  • The standstill walking pace on the base plate is the same as walking pace in VR world.
  •  Freely move toward the direction of HMD viewing direction.
  • Compatible with all 3D engine games.
  • Expected to support wireless HMD in later versions.

vr_mover_still_web vr_mover_ch_still_web


  • Interface : USB 2.0
  • Sensitive adjustment : Able
  • Base Size : W 1200mm * D 1200mm * H 90mm
  • Guide Size : W 1000mm * D 630mm * H 880mm