We provide the best contents

with advanced technology and accumulated know-how.

In 2009, INDIGO Entertainment started specializing in interactive content based on the CG technology.
Since then, we have accumulated manufacturing technology and know-how in special areas such as
3D / 4D animations, Circle-Vision 360°, and projection mapping.

Through HMD VR content creation support projects organized by the Ministry of Science,
ICT and Future Planning and Korea Radio Promotion Association, we emplaced
the Korea’s first permanent VR exhibition ‘Seokguram HMD Travel Experience’ and
were well praised by the industry and the public.

In order to create the optimum visuals, the one must be equipped
with all of the CG technology, designing, and hardware building capacity.
INDIGO Entertainment will ensure the best quality to our clients by providing all as a total solution.



2009 INDIGO Entertainment established
2009 Hong Kong Movie Future X- Cops ( starring Andy Lau ) – Animation
2010 Korea Agency for Defense Development Simulation video production
2010 MBC News Desk 40th Anniversary Event – 3D projection mapping
2011 Motion based chairs for 4D theaters Manufactured
2011 East Sea Research Institute’s Dokdo marine ecosystem project – Animation
2011 Gyeongju World Culture Expo Multimedia Show – 3D projection mapping
2011 Pangyo I-Quarium’s Tears of Whale – 4D Animation
2012 The ARC Museum – Water Drawing, Rivers of Time and other exhibition contents – Produced
2012 The ARC Museum – Circle-Vision 360° movie ‘Circle of Vitality’ – Animation
2013 Andong ‘Buyongjiae’ musical – Video and Effects Production
2014 Space Science Museum at Naro Space Center, chroma-key VR studio contents – Produced
2014 Sihwa Lake Tidal Power Plant , Culture Exhibition Hall contents – Produced
2015 Andong Confucianism Land, Hahoe Seonyujulbul Nori – Projection mapping
Andong Confucianism Land , Ubiquitous Exhibition Guide System – Produced
2015 Korea’s first permanent VR exhibition ‘Seokguram HMD Travel Experience’
2015 Paldang Hydroelectric Plants, Public Relations Exhibition Contents – Produced
2016 Korea Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning and Korea Radio Promotion Association’s
VR Production Support Project ‘Albatross’ flying controller – Under Development